Israel Association of Writers in English

First published in 1982, arc is a continuing literary showcase featuring members of the IAWE (Israel Association of Writers in English) and other citizens and residents of Israel. Because editorship is rotated from one issue to the next, arc demonstrates how aesthetic tastes and concerns vary even within the English-speaking community of Israel.

 For the 30th issue of arc, the IAWE will be accepting submissions until September 1st 2022.

By amazing good fortune,

and the confluence of multiple paths,

by the smile of the heavens

and the encouragement of the angels,

by the roll of the dice

and the coincidence of meetings,

by the opening of the Tao Te Ching

and the mystery of the Runes,

by the lines on the palm

and the creases across the forehead,

in the light of this, and so much more — 

The theme for arc 30 is



The editors, Ricky Friesem and Michael Kagan, will consider original, unpublished poetry and short stories (flash fiction) in English. No translations or essays will be accepted for this issue.


You do not have to be a member of IAWE to submit your work. A number of pages will be reserved for contributions from outside Israel.


Submission guidelines:

  •          Submit 1-3 poems, not exceeding 50 lines per poem, or prose of no more than 1,000 words, together with your name, a short bio, and contact details, all in a single file in Word format where the Word document title is your name, and email to:
  •           Do not submit more than one file.
  •          Please use 12-point Times New Roman, single-spaced for poems and double-spaced for prose.


Contributors retain copyright and may also republish. We ask only that you acknowledge that the poem or short story first appeared in arc. The IAWE also retains the right to republish material from arc 30 in any form.


The editors are under no obligation to accept any particular submission, and their decision is final. At this time the IAWE cannot pay authors for work published, but each contributor will receive a free copy of arc 30.