Israel Association of Writers in English

Member Benefits and Publications

Members of the IAWE are entitled to coverage on a page of this website. Members are entitled to submit future books for publication under the IAWE imprint, although the IAWE cannot at the moment offer financial or logistical assistance in publishing.  Brief items by members are featured in our quarterly newsletter, aChord,  The editors of our literary magazine, arc, are chosen from among the membership.  Traditionally members, particularly those with new books, are also featured at public readings, although public readings, formal and informal discussion meetings, meetings hosting visiting writers, and more ambitious projects have all been limited in recent years by budgetary considerations that we hope will prove temporary.

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Our officers

The IAWE is a registered nonprofit organization (amuta no. 580080778) with the following officers. 

Chair: Karen Alkalay-Gut

Treasurer: Pesach Rotem

Secretary: Mark L. Levinson

Advisory board: Ann Bar-Dov, David Brauner, Ricky Friesem, Reuven Goldfarb, Michael Kagan

Joining the IAWE

If you would like to become a member, please write to and include the following information: 

The admissions committee consists of volunteers, and sometimes deliberations are lengthy.  If your application is accepted, you will be asked for dues (as of this writing, 150 shekels) and for your Israeli identity number (which is compulsory because we are a registered non-profit amouta).

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