Front cover of "arc 30: Serendipity"

arc 30: Serendipity

Edited by Michael Kagan and Simon Lichman.
Cover illustration from a painting by Raquel Sanchez.
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Following are three extracts from the issue.

Mordecai Beck

Breathing in the Revolution

I am confronted by beautiful women
with bronzed, half-exposed breasts. .
Many are wearing glasses.
They are reading their poems of protests.
But I am not necessarily listening to their words –
as true and elegant as they surely are.
My eyes are focused on the rhythm
of their advancing and retreating bosoms
as they suck in air and breath out sounds,
up and down and in and out they go,
a whole ocean of breathing, tumescent flesh.
Their bosom-shaking verses
declare the glory of life
in a tongue that is all their own.
They heave their fiery words at us –
their obedient, acquiescent audience –
breathing out their words as though they were holy

So, if you ask me if I am for or against the revolution
I will say yes,
Yes, I am all for the revolution.

Courtney Druz


As evening stepped in,
two horses ran down the street.

It was that kind of gift.
Empty saddled,

they turned the corner
to the pinker sky.

No one was looking for them.
No one cared.

Only I stared,
stupid in their wake,

catching the wrong person’s eye.
It was under control,

a planned excursion,
traffic rules obeyed,

the riders waiting cheerfully.

unwatched sky tore open
and the night

came hoofless,
rampant, unrestrained.

Sharon Kessler

There Should Be a Verb for This


Some days you
go missing.
Trains to the city
come and go. Night comes
and the subscriber
cannot answer my call.

Fear rings like that loud lime-green
you left on the floor of your room.


You’re the little girl lost in leaf-fall.

You’re the needle’s eye.

I’m the hands, parting.

I’m the thread, unspooled.

You’re the planet.

I’m the gyre in the lens.

You’re Thumbelina on the edge.


Don’t go yet.

There’s still time

to daughter me.