Can I join your mailing list?  

Yes, the mailing list of IAWE Friends is a Google group open to everyone.  You can join at this link and register yourself.  It is a one-way contact list. The IAWE sends out announcements from time to time regarding our own activities and other literary activities in Israel of interest to English speakers. If you know of an activity we should publicize, you cannot post it directly to the list, but if you e-mail us the information enough time in advance and we find the event relevant, we will relay the information. 

Can I join the IAWE? Is that different from joining the mailing list?

The IAWE itself, the Israel Association of Writers in English, is an organization representing and supporting the growing number of accomplished creative writers in Israel whose native or preferred language is English. Our aims are to promote writing in English in Israel through publications, readings, and other projects, and to encourage literary interaction with other countries and languages. The members of the IAWE are citizens and permanent residents of Israel with a dedication to writing and with a significant record of professional-level publication (normally at least one book or the equivalent quantity of other published work). 
IAWE members are entitled to express themselves in our quarterly newsletter, aChord. We plan to feature each member’s books on a page of this website.  The editors of our literary magazine, arc, are chosen from among the membership.  Traditionally members, particularly those with new books, are also featured at public readings, although public readings, formal and informal discussion meetings, meetings hosting visiting writers, and more ambitious projects have all been limited in recent years by budgetary considerations that we hope will prove temporary.  Members of the IAWE are also entitled to submit future books for publication under the IAWE imprint, although the IAWE cannot at the moment offer financial or logistical assistance in publishing.  

If you would like to contact us with a view to joining the IAWE as a member, please write to and include the following information:

The admissions committee consists of volunteers, and sometimes deliberations are lengthy.  If your application is accepted, you will be asked for dues (150 shekels as of 2022) and for your Israeli identity number (which is compulsory because we are a registered amouta).

And can I follow you on Facebook? 

Yes, we do have a presence on Facebook.

Okay, but I want to get in touch as an individual.

You’re welcome to e-mail us at .